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We are thrilled to now be partnering with Seth Thomas Day and Rad Child Podcast to help get the word out about good books! Join us as we chat about the best stories to help you tackle complex topics with kids, critique the ones you should avoid, and get schooled by experts in their respective fields! Find out why we chose each SHIFT Book Box book and let us introduce you to many more!

Seth Day is a transgender man who has been working in childcare for over 10 years. He is comfortable with both he and they pronouns. He originally hails from New York, but currently resides in Montreal where he lives with his wife and rabbits. He has a BA in art education and works as a nanny and art educator. He has also worked as a museum and classroom educator. He is very involved with the local queer community and hosts many community events. In his spare time, he enjoys playing ukulele, baking, and painting portraits.