"SHIFT Consultation" to Decolonize Your Bookshelf
$ 120.00

Consult* with a SHIFT Book Box expert to help you decolonize your bookshelf.

40-Minute Consultation + Tailored Booklist :

We will walk through your current collection of children's books and discuss with you your child(ren)'s age(s), interests, and the values you would like to see reflected in your family's library. From this conversation, we will identify the gaps in your child(ren)'s bookshelf and hand tailor a list of 15 titles to begin to diversify your collection.

Consultations will be conducted via scheduled video, phone, or email conference. Title lists will be provided within 1 week from the consultation. Please get in touch for in-person meeting rates and availability in the greater Bay Area at shiftbookbox.com.

*Please note that this consultation fee does not include the purchase of the books but we are more than happy to put together a special order for any of the titles that you desire to purchase from the booklist that we develop together *