How It Works

Step 1

Receive Two high-quality picture books centered around a single theme, along with age-appropriate “Shift Guides” to support your exploration of the books, and a set of  conversation “Seed Starters” to prompt talk around the table or on the road. Currently designed for children 3-8 years old.

Step 2

Read and explore the books with your child(ren). Take your time with them. Notice the interplay between art and text. Use our simple, accessible discussion guides to more seamlessly integrate family conversations about topics of diversity and social justice into your reading experience and beyond.

Step 3

Become part of the movement! Spread the seeds that these books and discussions inspire! Join our Facebook group and tell us how those conversations are going. Plug into our incentive program and earn MONEY for a social justice organization in your area.

  • I find it difficult to carve out the time to research, locate, and purchase key books addressing race and gender issues, but it’s important to me that our family's bookshelf reflects our core tenets and beliefs. I’m so grateful for SHIFT Book Box — all the work is done for me and a bounty of perfectly sensitive and curated books arrives at our home. What a gift! - Gwynne Johnson, SHIFT Book Box Subscriber

Spread the Seeds!

Information breeds awareness, creates change. Don't *just* share these books with your family- Get these books out into your community and earn incentive points! Whichever zip code earns the most incentive points in any given month will be granted 5% of our profits to gift to a non-profit doing social justice work in your area.

Incentive Program

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Discussion Guides Option

Shipped: Monthly
Price: $9.99 Monthly

Receive a monthly email that identifies the two high-quality picture books we are featuring and the PDFs of our age-appropriate “Shift Guides” to support your exploration of the books and conversation “Seed Starters” to prompt talk around the table or on the road. Perfect for famili...

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Shift Book Box

Price: from $39.00

July's theme is: Dismantling Fatphobia, Celebrating Bodies!

Order your box by the 10th of each month to receive that month's box. 

About the Subscription:

Receive two highest-caliber books with accompanying discussion guides ("SHIFT guides") as ...

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