Want to teach children about social justice and to honor diversity?  
Picture books present. Discussions cement. We deliver both.
Diversify your bookshelf. Reflect your values.
 Raise socially-conscious kids. 
Expertly curated for kids ages 3-8

Join the club!

Each month receive two picture books that feature diverse characters & stories along with expertly-crafted discussion guides, all centered on a social justice theme. 

Be empowered!

Read with your child(ren)! Integrate important topics of discussion into your family with ease with our deep, age-appropriate discussion guides.

SHIFT and Grow!

Become part of the movement! Join other parents and caregivers in action and in conversation about how the lexicon is SHIFTing in your family & beyond!

What parents are saying:

"I find it difficult to carve out the time to research, locate, and purchase key books that address race and gender issues, but it’s important to me that our family's bookshelf reflects our core tenets and beliefs. I’m so grateful for SHIFT Book Box — all the work is done for me and a bounty of perfectly sensitive and curated books arrives at our home. What a gift!"

- Gwynne Johnson, SHIFT Book Box Subscriber



"My daughters and I love your book boxes so much! The day it arrives is one of our favorite days of the month and we all learn so much. I'm grateful for the guidance and care the books give-- guiding my kids and I into topics that I feel passionately about and at times, feel nervous going into with my children. You are doing an amazing job!"

- Jenna Neeley, SHIFT Book Box Subscriber


What's inside a SHIFT Book Box: 

We serve as a platform for #OWNVOICES authors and illustrators. We select books that feature a diversity of  creators and characters 

and  that represent socially just values. We pair these titles with child-tested conversational guides written by educators and organizers. 

Monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly subscription options. Or order the full 12-bundle curriculum today!

Two beautiful, carefully- 
selected picture books.

We do the hard work for you! 

We find, vet, and curate the best collection of picture books available on the market today, choosing only those titles that truly represent the social justice theme of each month. We aim to feature only #ownvoices titles, or books written by members of the community they are about. 

 Discussion Guides. 

SHIFT Book Box books can be enjoyed on their own, or they can be used to help you go deeper into talking about social justice with the children in your care. 

 Our expertly-crafted discussion guides contextualize each story for you with information & prompts so that you can dive in! 

Monthly letter and 
"Seed Starter" Guide.

We make it simple to prioritize social justice topics & to weave them naturally into mealtimes or when you are on the go. 

We introduce each theme with important context and the most up-to-date thinking so you can feel confident in talking about the big ideas that matter to you. 

Why SHIFT Book Box?

SHIFT Book Box is a social justice-oriented picture book subscription service that provides a selection of high quality children's books and discussion guides. 

We select & send you books that feature diverse characters, authors, and illustrators along with discussion guides to support you in growing progressive values. We do the work to decolonize and diversify your library and to provide you with resources to tackle topics that are important to you. 

Read books. Have conversations. Let us deliver both to your door! Your subscription will help to influence publishers to create more diverse books. 

Together, we can SHIFT the marketplace AND the lexicon.