Discussion Guides Option

Discussion Guides  Option
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Delivered: Monthly


Receive a monthly email that identifies the two high-quality picture books we are featuring and the PDFs of our age-appropriate “Shift Guides” to support your exploration of the books and conversation “Seed Starters” to prompt talk around the table or on the road. Perfect for families with a love of learning but little space to store books. Request the books from your public library or borrow from a friend!

Your subscription will provide you with monthly resources to support you in introducing social justice topics and diverse representations of people and families to your children ages 3 through 8.

These resources will support a lexicon SHIFT for you and your children, one that reflects a broad understanding and respect for the myriad of ways in which people present, identify, and experience the world, and for the acts of resistance in which they engage.  

By affirming and spreading this lexicon, your family can help mobilize to create a systemic shift toward a more equitable world.

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