SHIFT Book Box Social Justice Classroom Library & Curriculum
$ 485.00

Our SHIFT Book Box Social Justice Classroom Curriculum contains 25 carefully curated picture books and companion discussion guide binders, organized together under twelve themes of social justice. The following themes are included:

  • Upholding Stories of Emigration from Mexico
  • Honoring Citizens of Sovereign Tribal Nations
  • Celebrating Socioeconomic Diversity
  • Recognizing the Gender Spectrum
  • Dismantling Racism/Recognizing Resistance
  • Sitting with Civil Disobedience: Challenging & Breaking the Rules
  • Honoring Neurodiversity: The Autism Spectrum
  • Honoring Neurodiversity: Understanding Depression
  • Dismantling Fatphobia & Celebrating Bodies
  • Celebrating LGBTQI+ Pride
  • Valuing Muslim Families and Traditions
  • Valuing Jewish Families and Traditions