Bibliography and Additional Reading for December 2018

Discussion Guide Bibliography and Additional ReadingTar BeachDoyle, Nancy. “Artist Profile: Faith Ringgold.” Nancy Doyle Fine Art, 2018, Accessed Dec. 2018. Faith Ringgold Online Museum. “Faith Ringgold: Biography.” Faith Ringgold, 2018,

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Bibliography November 2018

November's discussion guides reference information from the following sources. We are grateful for the wisdom offered by the following authors and we thank them for their contributions.When We Were Alone (Robertson and Flett)Patrick, Ryan. “How David A. Robertson Wrote A Picture Book About The ...

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Additional Resources for November 2018

The continued growth and survival of sovereign tribal nations and the varied lived experiences of their citizens is evidence of the deep resilience and strength displayed, historically and today. Add these stories and others, recommended by Dr. Debbie Reese, to your bookshelf in order to keep learni...

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