References and Additional Reading for July 2019: Dismantling Fatphobia/Celebrating Bodies!

References“Abigail the Whale.” Review of Abigail the Whale, written by Davide Cali and illustrated by Sonja Bougaeva. Kirkus Review, 28 June 2016, Accessed July 2019. “About The Adipositivity Project.” THE ADIPOSITIV...

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References and Additional Readings for June 2019: Honoring Neurodiversity Part 1-- The Autism Spectrum

References“About Amy Guglielmo.” Amy Guglielmo. Web. Accessed June 2019. Retrieved from: “About Autism.” Autistic Self Advocacy Network. Web. Accessed June 2019. Retrieved from: “About Nancy.” Nancy...

Posted June 17th at 7:21pm

References and Additional Readings for May 2019: Celebrating LGBTQI+ Pride

References: Baker, Gilbert. “Rainbow Flag: Origin Story.” Gilbert Baker. Web. Accessed May 2019. Retrieved from:, Ian. “The Fetishization of Mr. Rogers’s ‘Look for the Helpers.” Technology. The Atlantic, 29 October 2018. Web. Accessed May 201...

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References and Additional Reading for April 2019: Valuing Muslim Families and Traditions

References:88 Cups of Tea Podcast. (n.d.). Hena Khan: The power to change hearts and minds with stories. Retrieved from Ahmed. S. (2018, May 16). A Ramadan etiquette guide for non-Muslims. Retrieved from

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When A Typo is More than A Typo: A Mea Culpa

Her name is Dr. Rudine Sims Bishop. She is Professor Emerita of Education at The Ohio State University. She writes and teaches about education and children’s literature and has served on the committees for many of the highest children’s literature awards in the country. Dr. Bishop is a Heinemann aut...

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References and Additional Reading for March 2019: Sitting with Civil Disobedience-- Challenging and Breaking Rules

References“About Innosanto Nagara.” Innosanto Nagara, Accessed March 2019. Arroyo, Lantz. “Community Spotlight: Innosanto Nagara.” Radix Media, Accessed March 2019. Bear, Charla. “American I...

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References and Additional Readings for Feb 2019: Dismantling Racism/Recognizing Resistance

References:Aboud, Francis, and Anna Beth Doyle. “Does talk of race foster prejudice or tolerance in children?.” Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science/Revue canadienne des sciences du comportement (1996).“About Anastasia Higginbotham.” Anastasia Higginbotham,

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The Alarming Statistics on Transgender Violence and Discrimination and Why it Matters that you Talk to Your Kids about Trans and Non-Binary People

In addition to the books and guides in our box this month, we'd like to share the below statistics with you. We must make our towns, our cities, our schools, our workplaces, our families safe for trans and non-binary people and in that commitment- we need to understand the realities pl...

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References and Additional Readings for Jan 2019: Recognizing the Gender Spectrum

ReferencesAlvarenga, Jessica. “Kindergarten Teacher Writes Bilingual Children’s Book on How to Use Gender Neutral Pronouns.” Oakland North, 30 Nov, 2018, Accessed 1, Jan 2...

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References and Additional Reading for Dec 2018: Celebrating Socioeconomic Diversity

Discussion Guide References and Additional ReadingTar BeachDoyle, Nancy. “Artist Profile: Faith Ringgold.” Nancy Doyle Fine Art, 2018, Accessed Dec. 2018. Faith Ringgold Online Museum. “Faith Ringgold: Biography.” Faith Ringgold, 2018,

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References for Nov 2018: Honoring the Experiences of Citizens of Sovereign Tribal Nations

November's discussion guides reference information from the following sources. We are grateful for the wisdom offered by the following authors and we thank them for their contributions.When We Were Alone (Robertson and Flett)Patrick, Ryan. “How David A. Robertson Wrote A Picture Book About The ...

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Additional Readings for Nov 2018: Honoring the Experiences of Citizens of Sovereign Tribal Nations

The continued growth and survival of sovereign tribal nations and the varied lived experiences of their citizens is evidence of the deep resilience and strength displayed, historically and today. Add these stories and others, recommended by Dr. Debbie Reese, to your bookshelf in order to keep learni...

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